Thermal analysis and Calorimetry proved to be a successful method on the following fields:

  • Material characterization of polymeric materials: e.g. quantitative analysis of the composition of multi-layer foils or identification of the components of blends.
  • Quality control of polymer products: e.g. investigation of the causes leading to customer complaints.
  • Determination of cross-linking and quantitative analysis of the degree of cross-linking  of thermosets: e.g. quantitative analysis of curing of epoxy resins and lacquer.
  • Quantitative purity analysis: e.g. from pharmaceutical products and drugs.
  • Determination of the glass temperature: e.g. to characterize the temperature range of operation of materials.
  • Characterization of foods: e.g. thermal degradation with heating or determination of energy content.
  • Detection of slow chemical reactions: e.g. quantitative analysis of the spontaneous discharge of batteries during storage.

For all these examples there are already reliable experiences and we were able to help our clients successfully.